What is open source data?

Open source data refers to data lawfully collected from publicly available sources. In simple terms, open source data is data that anyone can access, modify, reuse and share. Some data may require attribution or compliance with certain agreements before use and distribution.

What types of open source data are there?

Public records database

Government reports, documents and websites

Mass media (such as newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and websites created by mass media)

Organization, institution, enterprise website

Social networking and social media sites

Maps and business imagery

Photos and videos

What scenarios are open source data implemented?

Military security: Integrate governance satellite data, defense information, weapon parameters, personnel movements and other data to provide action basis and strategic analysis.

Government Governance: Monitoring and early warning of major social events by tracking data to improve the modernization level of government governance.

Diplomatic Situation: Through the accumulation of phased data, dynamic interpretation and prospect analysis of economic and trade exchanges, strategic cooperation and other diplomatic trends are carried out.

Financial risk prevention and control: Based on the monitoring of real economic data, check the risks of financial institutions and improve information transparency.

Enterprise decision-making: use open source data to assist customer background investigation and project risk investigation, and provide decision-making basis.