Knowlesys Web Data Miner Studio

2020-08-01 Knowlesys Web Data Miner Studio 8.0 Release, added dozens of features and runs much faster. Support extracting 5 millions of articles a day! please contact us to get the new version.

The Web is the largest database of public resources in the world. At present, there are at least 100 million websites with over 80 billion webpages. The number of webpages increases dramatically every single second. You can explore lots of valuable information in these webpages, including the list and contact information of potential customers, price list of competing products, real-time financial news, public opinions information, word-out-mouth information, supply and demand, scientific periodicals, forum posts, blogs and articles, and latest news. The key information, however, exists in the massive HTML webpages of websites in the form of semi-structures. As a result, the information can hardly be gathered and directly utilized.

The Web Data Miner Studio easily addresses this problem. Its major function is to accurately extract the semi-structured data on the target Internet webpages as structured records in batches, and save them to the local database for further usage purposes. The console in the following figure shows the usage procedure of the system.

The system features are as follows:

Websites: support the mining of any data on any webpages of any websites.

Text formats: support the mining from local files, including, HTML, JSON, XML, text, CSV, RTF, Word, and PDF files.

Databases: support all mainstream databases, including Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, and MS Access.

The Web Data Miner Studio is applied to the fields of public opinions monitoring, network word-of-mouth monitoring, price monitoring and comparison, news mining on portal websites, industry news mining, extraction of competitive intelligence for companies, internal and external news systems, database marketing, periodical mining at digital libraries, scientific research data mining, and integration of remaining information systems.

The Web Data Miner Studio assists you to easily integrate the world's mass information and brings you with huge business values.

Functions of Different Editions


Standard edition

Professional edition

Enterprise edition

Microblog website extraction

BBS extraction

Blog website extraction

News website extraction

Text file extraction

RSS/XML extraction

Image website extraction

Video website extraction

Image website extraction

scheduled execution

static URL list extraction

dynamic URL list extraction

web page screenshot


direct POST search and extraction


online database website extraction

ordinary Windows window program extraction


simulate form completion for query and extraction


advanced data processing


Multi-language information extraction


maximum number of tables


maximum number of fields


maximum lines of data transform script


maximum records extracted successively


times of use


number of websites