Knowlesys Intelligence System - word of mouth monitoring for company


Social Media Websites, Forums, Blogs are four major platforms for web users to express their opinions online. Due to a huge number of such users, no threshold for posting, and fast spread of information, the force of public opinions is more and more influential to a company's brand image and product word of mouth.-�?4534533�?

There are great business opportunities behind the compliments, favors and complaints in users' comments, which are rich sources for us to detect weaknesses of our rivals' products and identify new customer demands and preferences. Such information is of great help for PR, branding and R&D departments to gain insight into users' status and minds.

Online word of mouth reflects the actual word of mouth to a large extent. Comments, whether positive or negative, can spread fast while the negative ones are even amplified quickly. The spread of positive word of month can promote product sales while the negative one can immediately causes crisis to an enterprise.-�?4534533�?

A well-known company needs to answer the following questions about online word of mouth:

Which are the comments about its brands on the platform? What categories are they in? Which is the important source of feedback? Which are of positive value? Which are of negative value? When and by whom is this comment made? How many people see this comment? How many respond to it? Which need to be guided? Which need to be coped with? Which requires an alarm of crisis to be made?

Which are the comments about competitive brands on the opinion platform? Which categories are they in? Which are of great feedback significance? Which are of positive value? Which are of negative value? Which need to be made us of?

Collection, classification and compilation of various comment information in real time is a focus of corporate word of mouth monitoring.

How to find negative information the soonest is a difficulty in corporate word of mouth monitoring.


Architecture of Knowlesys Intelligence System

The latest release of Knowlesys Intelligence System automatically collects and presents all sorts of information about the rival industries of a company, putting everything in your hand.

Knowlesys Intelligence System can monitor all kinds of websites in real time such as BBS, microblog, blog, news review, post center, news, video, scanning them every a few minutes to ensure relevant information are entered into databases immediately.-�?4534533�?

Not only full network monitoring module based on all major search engines but also almost all mainstream national websites and regional websites are built in the Knowlesys Intelligence System and can be fully or partially enabled by users. Users can also add their own target websites to the system without configuring regular-expressions. In this way, the completeness of the information found is guaranteed.

With the cutting-edge collection technology, users can not only monitor various texts but also configure the system to collect the latest comments on certain topics, and obtain their details, e.g. view count, number of comments, when and by whom the comments are made.26禁止9盗用0

A lot of websites have complex structures or apply the Frames or JavaScript to write in contents dynamically or the Ajax technology to automatically refresh contents. All those can hardly or not be processed by normal spider technology. With the extraction technology based on the world's leading Knowlesys Web Data Miner Studio, Knowlesys Intelligence System can handle them effortlessly.zsdfafsdfa

Knowlesys Intelligence System classifies the information monitored and presents it in such sections as negative opinion, concerning me, my focus, and issue track, so that users can directly find the information they want.

The system also provide support with rich analysis reports, which will be displayed immediately with just a click. Daily reports and weekly reports on the public opinion can be automatically generated and displayed.

Knowlesys Intelligence System can notify users of certain sensitive information via short messages to keep users posted of important public opinions.


The system automatically collects and presents the latest corporate branding information, product word of mouth information, competitors news and word of mouth information, and industrial news, enabling you to know competition intelligence and find negative information in a timely manner.


●Short collection interval, immediate identification of new information
●Built-in full network monitoring and all mainstream websites configuration fits all kinds of websites and can find all new information.
●Adding specified websites is simple, without restrictions and regular expressions and the configuration process is easy.
●A full range of reports provide detailed information for analysis from multiple dimensions.
First hand data are available and detailed and truthful.


●Adopting the world's leading technology, the extraction sub-system can easily process and monitor Web 2.0 AJAX websites, and collect a variety of data source websites, e.g. profession review, business database and government database.

●The browsing UI is simple and efficient.

Operating Environment

Operating systems: Windows 2016/2020
CPU: duo/quad-core CPU, 2.0 G Hz or above
Memory: minimum 2G memory, 16G or above preferred
Hard disk: minimum 50G free disk space, 300G or 500G preferred