Advanced tips for using ChatGPT-4

The artificial intelligence product ChatGPT-4 has been performing amazingly since its appearance. Here we share some advanced tips for using ChatGPT-4 to help you make better use of this powerful tool and solve practical problems.

1. Use ChatGPT-4 to bypass paid pages and read article content

Some web content that can only be viewed with payment can be bypassed by reading URLs using CPT-4. ChatGPT-4 can help users access part or all of the article content by reading the URLs of paid web pages. This breakthrough technique allows users to read the best content that requires payment for free.

2. Use ChatGPT-4 to summarize book summaries by URL

When we can't see the content of a found eBook, we can summarize the summary and content directly with the help of GPT-4. When you find an eBook of interest but can't read its content directly, you can let ChatGPT-4 generate a concise summary for you by entering the URL of the eBook. This way, you can quickly understand the main content of the book and decide whether it is worth reading or not.

3. Use ChatGPT-4 to accurately locate the text content in the URL

When you need to find a certain bit of text in a long range web page, you can use GPT-4 to locate it directly.

If you want to find a specific part of content in a long article, you can input the URL of the web page and the keywords you need to find into ChatGPT-4, it will help you locate the relevant text quickly and save a lot of searching time.

4. Use ChatGPT-4 to analyze the content in two different URLs

When you need to do competitive analysis, article analysis, or program analysis, you can read two different content URLs for analysis with the help of GPT4.

Just enter two URLs and it will generate a detailed comparison report for you, making your comparison and analysis easier.

5. Summary or enhanced language translation of text with ChatGPT4

Text summarization or enhanced language translation with ChatGPT-4 can improve translation accuracy. In fact, ChatGPT-4 has surpassed the previous top translation tools in the field of translation DeepL. Using this technique, you can get more accurate and professional translation results.

6. Use ChatGPT-4 to study grammar and composition

The power of ChatGPT-4 in language comprehension and expression makes it a superior authoring tool. With ChatGPT-4, you can create a variety of engaging articles, novels, essays, and more, while also studying grammar rules and improving your writing with the help of its deep learning features.

The strongest point of GPT-4 is language and language comprehension, and you can create a lot of interesting content by using it well.

7. Use ChatGPT to review contracts and act as legal counsel

It is a wise choice to let ChatGPT-4 review the terms of a contract before you sign important documents. It can help you check for possible problems in the contract and ensure that your rights are protected. In addition, ChatGPT-4 can act as your legal advisor and provide you with professional legal advice.

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