Actual web pages acquisition and result demonstration

How can you turn original data on web pages into records in your database?

Our unique web data miner system can extract valuable data from all kinds of dynamical and static websites on the Internet to your local databases in a massive, accurate and efficient manner, integrate your information assets and translate them into your competitive advantages. Below are some typical input pages and screenshots of data output of typical aquisition.

News acquisition -- Yangcheng Evening News

News acquisition --

Acquisition of BBS posts and replies

Blog article acquisition (RSS XML)

Film critic acquisition


Acquisition of suppliers companies and their products

Acquisition of foreign company directory in a certain industry

Acquisition of journal digital resources

Vacancy acquisition

Demand-supply information acquisition

Acquisition of domestic company directories


Acquisition of product and specifications in a one-to-many relationship

Acquisition of tool and appliance product information

Acquisition of activity arrangements of all American sports clubs (advanced acquisition)


Acquisition of all sorts of text

Downloading of all sorts of files (association with databases required)



Advanced Extraction

The strong power of Knowlesys Web Data Miner System reaches far beyond data mining from simply web pages. Generally, a difficult web page contains only one or two hard points, but the tool platform provided by Knowlesys Web Data Miner System can address more than one hundred difficulties. Many seemingly difficult acquisition issues can be solved with one command on our platform as we have been gone through many websites. The issues you may have at present or in the future are what we encountered years ago. We have already provided many features for these web data mining cases.

For example, automatic downloading and renaming of multiple images in text, collection by cell of multi-title tables containing merged cell data, extraction of all numbers in a paragraph, acquisition of videos with hidden real video files, and so on.

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With Knowlesys Web Data Miner Studio, massive information sources worldwide can be integrated in your way and available to you!

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