Knowlesys Information Center System

Knowlesys Information Center System provides a strategic information infrastructure for large companies and groups to facilitate information circulation within and outside companies and building the digital nervous system of the companies.

I. Overview

As the economy grows, large companies and groups are facing more and more market complexities. New problems and situations that affect the market trend emerge one after another and market information multiplies. In the mean time, application of the quantitative method to the industry research at a high speed demands higher efficiency and accuracy of information collection. The mode of manual information collection has been unable to cater the market and technological growth. To know the market changes in a full, accurate and fast manner, to adapt to the new technological development and free people from onerous collection work to concentrate on in-depth study, a modern information center system is becoming an imperative.

Knowlesys Information Center System aims to provide a platform for collecting external information to the marketing and PR departments of large companies and groups, including the information about the companies, their competitors, the industries, prices and their partners, various information posted online by users, and research and technical information. It allows a number of people to quickly access all related information at present or in the past on a single platform, avoids the heavy burden from manual search of multiple sites. Its alarm function allows the related people to be aware of the information as soon as it occurs.

The business process is shown below:

Business process of Knowlesys Web Information Center System
Fig. 1: Business process of Knowlesys Web Information Center System

Compared to the current manual collection, it is prominently advantageous:

Indicator for comparison

Manual collection

Knowlesys Web Information Center System

Target site


hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands -�?453舆情4533�?

Labor cost

login into all sites, manual access, manual copy and paste, tiresome

automatic access to network information, manual content viewing and analysis conducted within the private LAN

negative information identification

required manual review and confirmation item by item

manual confirmation based on automatic identification

Information storage

fragmented, errors unavoidable -�?453舆情4533�?

accurate, full coverage, easy to track

Data storage

Word files, distributed, hard to manage

all stored in a large relational database and under centralized management

Monitoring report

based on manual statistics and estimation, insufficient data support

based on automated statistical analysis
with both text and illustration, detailed statistical data support, daily, weekly and monthly report generation

Monitoring effect

partial coverage, untimely,
unsatisfying, waste of human resource-�?453舆情4533�?

full coverage, timely,
automated, systematic

II. Benefits

Quickened awareness of external intelligence: external information is timely collected and presented on the desktop such as press releases about the company, customer feedbacks, competitive product news, industry news, macro trends, policies and legislations to facilitate everyone in the company to know and respond to the market competition intelligence.

Quickened quantitative and qualitative analysis: holding a high quantity of data, analyzers can be free from onerous information collection work and engaged in the most meaningful quantitative and qualitative analysis.

III. Composition

The Knowlesys Information Center System is composed of three sub-systems: automatic acquisition sub-system (acquisition layer), content analysis sub-system (analysis layer) and interface presentation sub-system (presentation layer) Their connections are shown below:

Architecture of Knowlesys Web Information Center System
Fig. 2: Architecture of Knowlesys Web Information Center System

The network topology of Knowlesys Information Center System is shown below. It can be separately implemented in the Internet LAN and private LAN as needed.


Fig. 3: Network topology

IV. Functional description of automatic acquisition sub-system

The automatic acquisition sub-system can collect any target website automatically.

The information acquired can be text information (e.g. articles, microblogs), numeric information (e.g. prices, statistic data), or file information (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF files). Users can configure the acquisition of text information by themselves via Web interfaces, or the collection of numeric information via software wizard interfaces. With the world's leading Knowlesys Network Information Acquisition System, you can collect and integrate data on any website. Discovery and management of data sources are completed by users.

The all-round monitoring function of the automatic acquisition sub-system is illustrated below:

Fig. 4: All-round monitoring by the automatic extraction sub-system

The automatic acquisition sub-system have the following distinct features:


V. Functional description of content analysis sub-system

The content analysis sub-system extracts the meta-information of contents and automatically classifies and clusters the contents in real time based on the key words specified by users.
The ultra-high speed key word extraction technology developed by Knowlesys can find the number of occurences of 10,000 key words in a 30,000 words article in no more than 6.9 ms.

VI. Functional description of interface presentation sub-system

The collected information is viewed in form of list (for text information) or in the users' own formats (for numeric information).
The interface presentation sub-system allows the latest information from all data sources to be presented on users' desktop browsers. Its functional architecture is illustrated below:

Fig. 5: Functional description of interface presentation sub-system

The interface presentation sub-system has the following distinct features:

1. Working in collaboration
Different users view different contents, execute different operations and perform different duties.

2. Displaying article elements
For news and blogs, titles, texts, authors, release time and sources can be collected.
Key words are highlighted.

3. Displaying post elements
For posts on BBS, titles, texts, posting time, view counts, number of comments and poster IP addresses can be collected.
Key words are highlighted.

4. Classifying and clustering
The contents collected can be classified, filtered, added with notes and complied for subsequent management and analysis.

5. Powerful search function
can perform precise search or fuzzy search, and can search by category or by source.

6. Supporting manual collection
In emergency or exceptional situations, information collected can be entered manually.

7. Anti-website restrictions
Collection of blocked foreign websites in China, collection of websites subject to restrictions to source IP and access frequency and automatic collection of proxy IP addresses are possible without further configuration.

8. Reports
All kinds of trend charts
Users' own reports

9. Publish
Valuable information can be published onto specified platforms of private LANs or Internet LANs after being selected or classfied or exported in various formats (CSV, XML, Excel, Access) for further transfer.

VII. Implementation

The system is mainly applied to the marketing and PR departments of large companies and groups.
For clients' requirements, we provide the following implementation services:





Turn-key project

Provide a full package of software and documentations of Knowlesys Web Information Center System;
provide the acquisition configuration of N websites specified by users.
Ensure the contents of target websites can be timely integrated after the system is launched.



E-training or training at clients' premises


Subsequent services

Provide configuration parameter files after the update of target websites,
revisit and respond to technical queries, answer questions on a regular basis,
provide remote O&M services to lower the skill requirements for clients' supporting staff


Technical Support

Answer questions from clients via Email、QQ/MSN/Skype,
as technical support

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