Advantages of open source intelligence

What is Open Source Intelligence?

Open source intelligence is intelligence that comes from public, open sources, including media reports, online forums, blogs, social media, and more. Open source intelligence differs from traditional intelligence in that it is open and can be obtained and used by anyone without special means. Open source intelligence provides a wider source of information for government, military, and commercial organizations, and can help them understand the external environment more quickly and accurately.

Open source intelligence has many advantages, including:

Inexpensive: For small or private companies, the tools and technology to collect data on a regular basis may prove to be too much of an investment. Open source intelligence comes from public information, including the Internet, media, social media, government departments, etc. This information is easy to obtain, so its acquisition cost is very low.

Legality: Since the collected information has not been defined as confidential and has been publicly disclosed with the consent of the original source, it is perfectly legal to collect any data you may find.

Time-sensitive: Due to the public nature of resources used in open source intelligence, users add and update their information on a regular basis, so it is highly time-sensitive and reflects the current situation in a timely manner.

Large amount of information: Open source intelligence contains a large amount of information, including time, place, people, events, etc., which can provide great help for subsequent analysis.

Recommended open source intelligence monitoring system

Knowlesys Intelligence System, a professional open source intelligence monitoring system. The company is at the world's leading level in the field of Internet information collection. With years of experience, it has analyzed and processed thousands of websites and has unique experience in social media information collection.

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