Company Profile

Founded in May 2003, Knowlesys International Ltd.(Knowlesys) is a high-tech company that specializes in Internet information processing. It has established rich experience and competitive advantages in the fields of accurate monitoring and vertical mining of mass information on the Internet.

Knowlesys has been certified as a software company with its products registered. All our employees hold a university degree or above. Our R&D staff include certified system analyzers by the Ministry of Information Industry of China and technical columnists at CSDN, the largest software developer site.

Our core products are Knowlesys Intelligence System and Knowlesys Web Data Miner Studio.

As a leader in the web intelligence monitoring, we have accumulated 10 years of experience in OSINT monitoring and the experience of analyzing and processing thousands of different types of websites and mobile applications. Our clients are distributed all over the world.


We aim to provide the best software platforms to global clients, enabling them to easily collect and monitor mass network data and turning external data into their competitive advantages or actionable intelligence.


Human is the most important asset for Knowlesys. This is the value we and our employees hold.

Our value is to provide the best products and services to clients and help them handle all kinds of data in the age of Internet so that they can develop competitive advantages and make a success in their businesses.

We remain committed to excellence in promoting our products and services from the outset. Our strategy never changes, that is, to provide clients with the best products and services and leverage our advantages to promote our products and services rather than downplaying our rivals and their products and services. Simply put, to build the brand of Knowlesys.

The people of Knowlesys act based on three guidelines: commitment, best service and excellence.

We keep our commitments to clients, partners and peers; we provide the best services to clients; and we pursue the best performance in everything we do.

We treat reputation as our life. We respond to clients' calls and mails as quickly as we can to fulfill our tasks on schedule. We always devote ourselves to our work with enthusiasm and curiosity.

We try to make ourselves trustworthy forever, especially to our clients.


Think for customers and live up to our commitments!