What is a green circle on the Instagram Stories?

If you're an active Instagram user, you've probably noticed that some Instagram stories are different from others. The various edge colors around the user icon mean different things. If you find a green circle among the usual red circles, you may be wondering about its significance.

The Instagram Stories Green Circle

Instagram stories are time-limited posts that are only valid for 24 hours. You can see the stories of the people you follow at the top of your Instagram feed.

Usually, Instagram stories you haven't watched yet will have a reddish orange rim. Once you have watched these stories, their edges will turn light gray and they will be moved to the end of the story list.

However, you may also encounter Instagram stories with bright green edges instead of the usual red. Let's see what that means.

Why do Instagram stories have a green circle?

If you see a green circle around a user's Instagram story, it means they consider you a close friend. A green circle around an icon means they have posted a private story, shared only with a select group of people.

When you want to share content with only a select group of followers, you can create a list of close friends and post stories that only those users can see. The green edge around the user's icon indicates that they have added you to their close friends list. You will also see a green "Close Friends" label in the story.

What is a close friends list?

The close friends list is a private list to which you can add any Instagram user. They won't know they've been added to your close friends list until you post a private story and they see the green circle pop up around your icon.

You can edit the list at any time to remove followers who you no longer want to share private stories with. They will not be notified of the change. In addition, only close friends see private stories - those who are not on the list don't even know they exist. So you don't have to worry about other followers feeling left out.

Instagram introduced the close friends feature in 2018 to give users more control over their privacy and audience. However, you can only share stories with your close friends, not dynamic posts.

Why use the close friends feature? There are many benefits to using the close friends feature.

1. you will control who can see your posts - Keep your personal content private.

2. You can keep it real - If you have a small business, a large following, or similar, you may not want to share some content in your story. With the Close Friends feature, you can maintain a professional image while still remaining yourself.

3. You can stay in touch with your friends - The Close Friends feature is almost like a group chat. You can share personal items and easily stay in touch with your best friends.

4. It makes the people on your list feel special - The green circle sends the message that you consider your followers to be more than just a follower. It exudes trust and helps build relationships.

5. It's good for your mental health - Social media fatigue is real, but staying away can make you feel disconnected from your friends. Communicating with just a small group of people will be more valuable than posting for hundreds of strangers.

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