Open source intelligence system: the "puzzle maker" in the era of big data

In the era of big data, we are facing a huge source of information. Open source data, also known as "wild data", generally refers to data released on the Internet, including economic statistics and traffic data released by the government, sales and management data released by legal persons, and behavioral and social data left by a large number of Internet users.

The development of technology has promoted the rapid increase of open source data, and at the same time, it has also provided opportunities for organizations/institutions that actively mine the value of open source data and seek to obtain or maintain investigative or analytical advantages.

In the state of increasing open source data, it is difficult for investigation and analysis organizations to effectively collect, merge and refine open source intelligence. Smarter investigation activities need to solve data overload, data credibility, and global reach.

Open source intelligence systems fully support all phases of an open source intelligence investigation, including data collection, data analysis, alert generation and reporting.

The users who are suitable for using the system include:

1. Customers who have high requirements for information authenticity but lack of information;

2. Information workers engaged in information search, mining, screening and research;

3. Professional analysts and investigators with high data processing pressure and high timeliness in relational data processing;

4. Customers who use data to accurately reach, locate and match targets to achieve business cooperation.

Recommended open source intelligence system

Knowlesys Intelligence System, a professional open source intelligence monitoring system, is developed based the world's leading open source intelligence extraction technology, with the advantages of quick identification and full coverage. It enables users to monitor the whole Internet, including social media(Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram...), traditional websites (Forum, Chat Room, News...) and dark web in a timely manner.

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