How to investigate personal information on social media?

Two types of information can be found on social media:

Information that users want to share: For example, to build a connection between two people, you can check whether they are friends on Facebook.

Users forgot to hide their information -because they don't care about their privacy or because they have not noticed: For example, you can view photos published by people on the Instagram account, and to infer that they have participated in the same family gathering by viewing the staff, background and date of the post.

From our perspective, the main difference between the two is that the first type of information can be automated, so it is easy to obtain: You can use Knowlesys Intelligence System to pull the two personal data from the list of friends. Common friends will appear in front of you.

The second kind of information usually requires investigators to pay close attention to the extensive content of social media information. There is no one -click method of solving this problem yet, it will be very time -consuming.

Are you investigating the right personal information?

When conducting social media surveys, the first thing you should do is to ensure that you have the right personal information. On some platforms, using your real name, display information about you, and your real photo as a personal data picture is normal (for example, LinkedIn). In this case, it is easy to reference our existing data to identify personal information related to interested people. This type of personal data is the personal data you will get when you start searching from the name.

However, starting from aliases to search may produce other types of configuration files. In these configuration files, you can use less information to determine that you can use the same alias account to use the same aliases to say to those who are interested.

In order to correctly draw conclusions, you can first check the location of their links in the resume or other social media. Without such information, check their posts and account attention may help. Did they release a specific theme related to those who are interested in? Are they concerned about accounts related to a specific location (such as the local police station or the mayor of the town)?

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