How to compare the social engagement of Twitter accounts?

In intelligence work, sometimes you have two Twitter accounts that are suspected to be the target person, but it is temporarily impossible to determine which is his real account. At this time, you need to make a judgment by comparing the two Twitter accounts and analyzing the activity and social influence of the accounts.

Or, during the election period, by using Knowlesys Intelligence System to compare the number of followers, frequency of tweets, total liked count, interaction with followers, average number of retweets and likes per tweet of two candidates' Twitter accounts, etc., it can be inferred which person has a higher approval rating and is more likely to be elected.

Knowlesys Intelligence System is an all-in-one web intelligence monitoring system for law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies. It will help clients mine massive information from social media and turn them into actionable intelligence by automatic analysis and manual processing. It enables users to monitor the entire web in a timely manner.

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