How to analyze Twitter users' profiles?

Why analyze Twitter users' profiles?

Social media is used by some countries, politicians and foreign powers. They achieve their goal of influencing the political ecology of other countries by manipulating political bots and spreading a lot of induced disinformation to mislead public ideology in the political sphere. Twitter is frequently encountered in open source intelligence analysis, which is now often required to analyze a particular Twitter account in order to uncover the means and paths used by external forces to manipulate social media for propaganda purposes.

How do you analyze a Twitter user's profile?

What you may have thought of doing is opening the profile of the account you want to analyze and then checking its content and its results.

However, this method can be a very time-consuming and tedious process. Especially if you want to monitor several different Twitter profiles on a regular basis.

While this will allow you to analyze some data, they will not be aggregated in any way. So, for example, you will be able to see the number of likes, comments, or retweets for each tweet, but you won't know the total monthly engagement or top tweets. And you would have to keep scrolling for hours to get a sense of the person's strategy or position.

Perhaps you're asking if Twitter Analytics can do that. However, you can only access your own performance there, not the Twitter Analytics results of other users.

Whether you want to do a full Twitter audit or just a quick comparative analysis, you can choose a third-party social media analytics tool and you will be able to discover a wealth of insights about other users' Twitter profiles. Here's a recommendation for Knowlesys Intelligence System, a comprehensive social media analytics system. The company is at the world's leading level in the field of Internet information collection. With years of experience, it has analyzed and processed thousands of websites and has unique experience in social media information collection. Knowlesys Intelligence System will help clients mine massive information from social media and turn them into actionable intelligence by automatic analysis and manual processing. It enables users to monitor the entire web in a timely manner.