How to analyze dynamic intelligence?

Intelligence is provided, and the most basic is to analyze the basic situation of any country. One of the classifications in the study of intelligence is the dynamic type of intelligence and the static type of intelligence. This article focuses on the types of dynamic intelligence and how to conduct intelligence collection.


Human activity cannot be completely static, so in the process of collection, it is called dynamic type of intelligence. The most important characteristic of dynamic type of intelligence is change, so it becomes especially important to track the trajectory of these changes.

Before embarking on an analysis of which areas of human activity have changed, intelligence should indicate which preceded and which followed the changes, and moreover, it is necessary to indicate the paths by which the changes were generated.

Basic descriptive category - forming biographical documents and information on important people of a specific period in the past, and dynamically analyzing the intelligence tracking the development of these people and their connections.

Analysis points:

1. Who were they?

2. Where were they?

3. What were their positions?

4. Who are their family members?

5. What kind of people are they?

6. Future development intelligence assessment

Analyze the type of people intelligence work must understand their situation in detail, understand their character and ambitions, their political views, their weaknesses, the influence they exert, the degree of pressure they are under, so in addition to understand their friends and relatives and frequent activities of political, economic and social circles.

Only with a clear understanding of these circumstances can we judge the amount of power and political direction he will acquire.


Dynamic geographic intelligence analysis starts with topographic issues such as terrain, soil, vegetation, climate, transportation, communication, etc., and continues to improve and expand on these elements.

Geology, geodesy, hydrology, and other related knowledge are involved in this regard.


Dynamic intelligence is particularly important in the military. It is important to keep track of frequently changing military formations and developments, to understand the size of military forces in the coming years, to track changes in recruitment policies, in the training of soldiers and officers, etc.

Some changes are considered military secrets: for example, new warships, new aircraft, various new weapons, new equipment to improve combat effectiveness, etc.

Military organization (to give a few examples):

· Army: battle sequences, fixed defenses, military equipment;

· Naval forces: combat sequences, fleets, naval shore defense equipment;

· Air forces: combat sequences, types of military aircraft, air force equipment.


The economic operation of a specific period also belongs to the category of dynamic intelligence. Tracking current economic developments, it is important to note the emerging economic doctrines and theories, covering the full range of them. It is important to note changes in government economic policy, i.e. economic policies affecting industry, commerce, agriculture, banking and finance, and foreign trade.

It is also important to understand the changes in the size and distribution of national revenues, etc. In addition to this it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in the standard of living, wages, employment, etc. of the nationals of the selected country; to the changes in the methods of distribution, tools and new transport routes, as well as changes in the resources of transport.

In the nuclear age, it is most important to pay attention to the discovery of new natural resources, especially uranium deposits.


The most important single social phenomenon that should be the focus of dynamic intelligence is demographic change, which must be observed in all its aspects: population growth or decline, population growth rates; changes in age groups, occupational groups, and consumer groups; and changes in population distribution between rural and urban areas and between regions.

Attention must also be paid to changes in internal migration and external migration in the selected countries. The dynamic category of intelligence must track changes in its size and structure.


Within the broad category of morality, dynamic intelligence must pay attention to changes in the basic doctrines of life. This type of intelligence must be aware of changes in the attitudes of the general public on issues such as faith, marriage, education, and minorities.

Science and Technology

Since most of the world's achievements are generated by science and technology, dynamic intelligence must pay keen attention to these cutting-edge areas and must be aware of developments in science and technology. For example, what issues are currently being considered, what new perspectives are emerging and what the implications will be in mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, legal geography, artificial intelligence, oceanography, climatology and astronomy.

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