Why Twitter is best suited for sentiment analysis?

What is Twitter Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is a technique used in text mining to analyze the underlying sentiment of text messages (tweets). The Twitter sentiment or opinion expressed through it may be positive, negative or neutral. However, no algorithm can provide you with 100% accuracy or prediction of sentiment analysis.

As part of natural language processing, algorithms such as SVM, Naive Bayesd are used to predict the polarity of sentences. sentiment analysis of Twitter data may also depend on the sentence level and document level.

However, the approach of finding positive and negative words in a sentence is not appropriate because the style of a text block depends heavily on the context. This can be done by looking at POS (Part of Speech)) markers.

Applications of Sentiment Analysis

Application Scenarios for Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis has applications ranging from business and marketing, politics, health to public action. Sentiment analysis is not limited to just one application, but offers a wide range of applications in different fields to assist in decision making. Sentiment analysis can be applied to events, activities, campaigns or worldwide disasters.

Why Twitter is best suited for sentiment analysis?

The most popular social media site for extracting information is Twitter. Most of the papers reviewed use Twitter as their social media environment. This is due to the availability, accessibility, and richness of Twitter content. Twitter enables users to post and interact with short messages, thus allowing them to express their opinions. There are millions of tweets per day on almost any topic. The availability of content or data for public use has made Twitter popular and the best social network for sentiment analysis.

User-generated content on Twitter can provide valuable information to academics, business organizations and governments. twitter conducts real-time analysis and keeps a close eye on public sentiment, as Twitter has about 500 million tweets per day and allows the public to access its data through an API. There are Twitter users all over the world, so it is full of opinions and views of people from other countries, languages and ideas.