What to do if others are using your Instagram account?

How to tell if someone else is using your Instagram account?

Checking your last active login is one way to see if someone is using your Instagram account. instagram allows you to find all the necessary login information on the app and official website.

Viewing recent Instagram logins on Android/iPhone using the mobile app

1. Launch the “Instagram app” on your device. If needed, log in. If not, you can move to the second step.

2. Tap on your “profile icon” in the bottom menu. This will take you to the main section of your profile page.

3. After that, tap on the “hamburger icon” (Menu icon) near the top right of the screen.

4. In the side menu that appears, tap on “Settings.”

5. Locate and tap on “Security.”

6. Next, tap on “Login Activity.”

7. When the “Login Activity” screen opens, Instagram displays a list of locations from which you logged into your account. The top entry on the list should be your device, which will have the “Active now” tag.

Log out of Instagram on all devices

Logging out of the devices you don't want to appear in your profile is a simple process. It only takes a minute or two and you can do it from within the app and on the platform's official website. You can't log out of all your devices at once, but you can log out of them based on login activity.

1. Launch the “Instagram app” and tap the “profile icon” in the bottom-right section.

2. Tap the “Menu” (hamburger icon) in the top-right section.

3. Tap on “Settings” in the left menu list.

4. Select “Security.”

5. Choose “Login Activity.”

6. In the “Login Activity” screen, tap the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) next to the first device you want logged out.

7. Select “Log Out” just below the map.

8. Instagram will display the Logged out message. It will inform you that the app logged you (or someone else) out of the session in question.

From here, repeat the above steps for each device that is logged in. When done, all devices will be logged out. The above process is tedious, but it will help if a hacker logs into your Instagram account. Unless you change your password, the person will remain logged in even if you log out on the device. By logging out of all your devices in Instagram, you can essentially log out of them as well.

Change your Instagram password to log out of all devices

The fastest but more inconvenient way to clear all logged-in devices from Instagram is to change your password. This process forces all devices to log in again, but it means you have to perform the same action on each device, which is why it is considered inconvenient. Of course, any suspicious logged-in users will not know your new password and will not be able to log in again.

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