What is the use of threat intelligence?

1. Security model breakthrough and improvement

Threat intelligence-based defense thinking is threat-centric, so it requires a comprehensive understanding of the threats to critical facilities and the establishment of a new and efficient security defense system. Such a security defense system often requires security personnel to have an in-depth understanding of attack tactics, methods and behavioral patterns, a comprehensive understanding of potential security risks, and to do so in a targeted manner.

2. Emergency detection and active defense

Based on threat intelligence data, you can constantly create signatures of malicious code or behavioral characteristics, or generate rules for products such as NFT (Network Forensic Tool), SIEM/SOC (Security Information and Event Management/Security Management Center), ETDR (Endpoint Threat Detection and Response), to achieve emergency detection of attacks. If the threat intelligence is IP, domain name, URL and other specific Internet access attribute information, it can also be applied to various online security devices to block and defend against existing attacks in real time.

3. Security analysis and incident response

Security threat intelligence can make security analysis and incident response work easier and more efficient. For example, threat intelligence can be relied on to distinguish different types of attacks and identify potential APT high-risk level attacks, so as to achieve timely response to attacks; threat intelligence can be used to predict the possible malicious behavior caused by existing attack clues, so as to achieve rapid delineation of the scope of the attack; threat intelligence can be established to search, so as to achieve accurate mining of security clues.

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