What is Reddit?

In addition to the familiar Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Reddit is also one of the most popular social media. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating and discussion website. Users can share content such as text posts, images, videos and links, which are then voted high or low scores by other users, and the content with outstanding scores will be placed on the homepage. On Reddit, you can read reviews of certain services or products, and even professional knowledge.The topics include gaming, sports, music, business, crypto, television, art, animals, fashion, etc.

Due to its wide range of topics, many people now start to add Reddit after keywords when using the search engine. For example, after inputting "new year gift for child reddit", you can find the answer you want.

Slang in Reddit

Many users on Reddit like to use some slangs when posting.

OP: Original post/poster

AFAIK: as far as I know

DAE: does anybody else

FTFY: fixed that for you

idk: I don't know

irl: in real life

NSFW: not suitable/safe for work

SMH: shake/shaking my head

TIL: today I learned

TL;DR: too long, didn't read 

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