TwLocation: A research tool for Twitter users' geolocation security

TwLocation is a powerful web sleuthing tool that is essentially a Python script that helps a wide range of researchers to obtain the geographic location of Twitter users' tweets and use it to detect and protect their privacy and security.

Features of the tool

1. Support to get the user name information of the target Twitter account based on latitude and longitude

2. Support to get the account information URL address

3. Support to get the latitude and longitude data of the target account when the specified tweet is published

4. Support to provide Google map links based on the acquired latitude and longitude data

Tool Download

The current version of TwLocation supports running on all Linux distribution operating systems. The tool is developed based on Python 2.7, so we first need to install and configure the Python 2.7 environment on the local device.

Next, the researcher can clone the project source locally using the following command:

git clone

Then switch to the project directory and install the other dependencies required by the tool using the pip command and the requirements.txt file provided by the project:

cd TwLocation

pip install -r requirements.txt

Using the tool

Before using the tool, we need to edit the config.txt configuration file and provide your Twitter application key data:

cat config.txt

consumer_key = "XxXxXxxXXXxxxxXXXxXX"

consumer_secret = "xXXXXXXXXxxxxXxXXxxXxxXXxXxXxxxxXxXXxxxXXx"

access_key = "XXXXXXXX-xxXXxXXxxXxxxXxXXxXxXxXxxxXxxxxXxXXxXxxXX"

access_secret = "XxXXXXXXXXxxxXXXxXXxXxXxxXXXXXxXxxXXXXx"

Now we are ready to run the following command to execute the TwLocation script: