Transformation of the United States Intelligence Analysis in the Era of Intelligence—The Core

In the past ten years, with the continuous maturity of primary artificial intelligence technology and its gradual application in the production and life of human society, the prelude to the era of intelligence has gradually opened. In this context, the intelligence agencies of various countries have launched transformation work one after another, intending to seize the commanding heights of the future struggle in the field of national security. In the exploration and practice of intelligence analysis and transformation in the age of intelligence, the United States is undoubtedly at the forefront of the world.

Affected by the "9.11" incident, the U.S. intelligence agencies launched intelligence reform in 2004. However, after the reform, the U.S. intelligence agencies found that their analysis work had not yet fully achieved the expected goals of the reform. These goals also need to rely on subsequent continuous transformation to complete.

In this context, in 2008, the U.S. intelligence agency clearly put forward the concept of "analysis transformation", and pointed out that "analysis transformation" is to improve the quality of intelligence by changing the intelligence analysis model, information processing method, known content management method, etc. .

On the above, it can be seen that the core of the transformation of the U.S. intelligence analysis includes at least four aspects:

First, analysis transformation is proactive rather than reactive.

Second, analytics transformation is a continuous process.

Third, the goal of analytical transformation is to achieve the overall improvement of intelligence analysis capabilities.

Fourth, the realization of analysis transformation requires the help of diversified means, and it is carried out around the important links that affect the efficiency and quality of intelligence analysis, such as analysis mode and relationship with users.

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