Things to remember when using LinkedIn as a blogging platform

What kind of audience am I dealing with?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, which means you can connect with a large number of professionals in your field. That's exactly the kind of LinkedIn audience you're dealing with - professionals.

People looking to increase brand awareness, people looking to showcase their skills and expertise to attract potential clients or even business partners, business people exploring the platform's talent pool to find new hires, bloggers looking to expand their network and build relationships with other bloggers and businesses in their niche - That's the kind of audience you can connect with on LinkedIn.

Connecting with these professionals can help you reach their audience and greatly expand your reach, as many of them are sure to share your content with their connections and followers. More importantly, you can partner with them for guest blogging business and drive more traffic to your blog, thus effectively generating quality leads that can convert.

You should also know that people who spend time on LinkedIn are usually looking for long-form content, so you should always post lengthy articles, as they are proven to generate more views, likes and shares.

However, make sure that every line you write provides real value and is not convoluted to make it lengthy. It must be high quality, useful, interesting and broken down into small, easily digestible sections.

Comments are important

Comments are a great way to provide and receive valuable feedback. When you comment on other people's LinkedIn posts, you have the opportunity to really connect with them and build a meaningful relationship that could grow into a partnership or lead to other great business opportunities.

When others comment on your posts on LinkedIn, they often provide honest, constructive feedback that you can use for your future content. Needless to say, this is good for you because you can always keep learning and improving, especially because the audience on the platform are professionals who know what they are talking about.

In addition, whenever someone likes or comments on your article, their connection on the platform will be visible and they will see your article in their newsfeed. Thus, commenting can significantly increase your exposure and help you gain more followers and connections. If they find the articles insightful and interesting, they are sure to visit your blog and may even subscribe to your email newsletter.

Bad research can ruin your credibility

You need to make sure your blog research is done right because bad research can definitely ruin your credibility. Why? Because you'll be painting a picture of an amateur - not a professional, let alone an authority in your field.

No one wants to waste time reading inaccurate information that doesn't help solve a pain point. If someone finds out that you have provided them with false information about a topic that is important to them, they will stop reading your content. In addition, they will spread the word, costing you a lot of blog readers, customers and clients.

This is exactly what happens as a result of bad research. You certainly don't want to share inaccurate information or worthless, superficial posts, so make sure you take the time to do thorough research. Be accurate and fact-based, and you can do this by focusing on domains and making sure you always find reliable expert resources. Most importantly, make sure you always post unique and original content.


LinkedIn is definitely one of the best platforms you can use for blogging because it can help you increase exposure, improve brand awareness, drive more traffic to your blog and make a lot of connections, thus paving the way for greater growth and profitability.

That's why when considering the best blogging sites and blogging platforms to use, you should put LinkedIn at the top of the list. LinkedIn is your best bet, so if you haven't already, sign up and step up your blogging efforts.

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