The Intelligence Value of Social Networking

1. Social networking is rich in information material

The data in most social networking sites penetrates into all aspects of life, such as politics, economy, technology, culture, etc., with a large number and variety, including pictures, text, and videos, rich in content, and contains a large amount of usable information. These intelligence materials have become topics of discussion among social network users, with a great variety and quantity.

2. Make the collection of open source intelligence more risk-free and efficient

Network social monitoring has changed the previous market research technology and dangerous intelligence gathering methods such as undercover agents and informants. Intelligence personnel only need to monitor social network, query and retrieve data information of various social users through special tools and platforms (such as Knowlesys Intelligence System). It can avoid tedious market research, stay away from dangerous environments, and reduce costly technical methods such as drone detection and satellite detection. There is no need to use risky human intelligence methods when open source intelligence can solve problems. It not only saves the cost of intelligence acquisition, but also provides a powerful supplement for human intelligence. Intelligence personnel can devote more energy to intelligence analysis and improve the efficiency of intelligence work.

3. Make open source intelligence more real-time

With the increasingly powerful functions of social networks, the speed of diffusion, frequency of updates, and scope of dissemination of online social platforms have undergone tremendous changes compared with traditional information media. Some mainstream online social platforms have become the main channels of communication for hot events. Those who experienced many events on the scene like to share what they saw and heard on the social network platform for the first time, and express their views and opinions, and the dissemination of various news has reached a real-time level. Especially in emergencies, social networks usually become the first source of information.