The importance of open source intelligence in national security

With the end of the Cold War and globalization, the threats facing the country are not only traditional security issues, but information-centered cyber warfare, a non-traditional security threat, and all countries in the world are preparing for cyber warfare. In the face of traditional security threats, secret intelligence can play a major role, while in the face of non-traditional security problems, open source intelligence can play its unique role.

In the case of increasing non-traditional security threats, security threats come from all over the world. No single country can achieve global coverage with espionage and covert means.

With the advent of the Internet era and the continuous deepening of globalization, the advantages of open source intelligence have gradually become prominent, and its status in national security intelligence work has continued to rise, becoming an important part of national security intelligence.

In the Internet age, what is really scary is not the real turmoil, but the information explosion and cyber violence on the Internet. Due to the anonymity and concealment of speaking in cyberspace, the low cost of crime, and the wide range of influence, the Internet is extremely easy to become a place where crime and violence breed. Therefore, timely and accurate grasp of network information, accurate analysis and judgment, and the formulation of scientific and effective relevant policies are extremely important for maintaining social stability and ensuring national security.

Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of open source intelligence and data mining technology to conduct timely and effective tracking and monitoring of social dynamics and trends reflected on the Internet, and timely early warning analysis. Knowlesys Intelligence System is recommended. It is an information system that is focused on the Internet to collect, analyze, summarize and monitor massive public opinions in real time and identify the key information from them and notify related people immediately for immediate responses to be made in emergency and provide direct support to the right public opinion guidance and Internet users' opinion collection.

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