Steps in open source intelligence analysis

According to the process of obtaining information and transforming it into intelligence, OSINT analysis can be divided into three steps:

Access to open source information

Information from public or open sources, where sources include but are not limited to the Internet, public publications, television broadcasts, publicity announcements, etc. Public or open information refers to information that is voluntarily or voluntarily released by the owner of the information.

Information analysis

It refers to the classification and screening of the obtained open source information according to certain themes and certain principles to form an information collection, or it is called an intelligence information database. The information here is still the original open source information, but it has been merged with similar items, which has a good reference value and certain intelligence functions. In fact, the overwhelming flood of unprocessed information can interfere with decision-making or overwhelm people. A large amount of complicated information is scattered in every corner of the network, which requires us to dig, collect, accumulate and organize.

Formation of value intelligence

It is the result obtained through comprehensive analysis and research based on the needs of specific objects and based on open source information. For units or individuals engaged in open source intelligence work, because of the diversity and uncertainty of specific objects, there may be clear or uncertain intelligence needs. Information collection and research are highly targeted to specific intelligence needs. In the face of uncertain intelligence needs, it is necessary to study the types of specific objects and their potential needs, and then carry out targeted information collection and research to form high-value intelligence required by relevant specific objects.

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