Open source intelligence investigation of Twitter

Twitter analysis is often included in OSINT analysis. Analyzing the propagation path of public opinion at home and abroad often requires the analysis of a Twitter account. Here is a flow chart of Twitter accounts for open source intelligence investigation. It will give you an idea of where to start when analyzing Twitter accounts.

The profile information often includes location information such as the user's address or country and city, as well as information such as the user's occupation, identity, preferences, and date of birth.

The following information includes followers and following, and it is necessary to pay attention to those accounts that follow each other with the target account. We can analyze mutual followers to mine the relationship circle of the target account.

The analysis of tweets can analyze the time and place of tweets, and the tweets are retweeted, liked, commented, etc.

By analyzing tweeting information, registration information, profile information, and following information, we can analyze which accounts are machine accounts and which are personal life accounts, and then we can carry out targeted analysis work.

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