Open source intelligence investigation of Telephone

Telephone numbers in the US are often unique compared to other countries, so their registered owners have a greater variety of publicly available information that can be useful in open source intelligence investigations.

Here is a telephone open source intelligence investigation flow chart.

After obtaining a telephone number, we can analyze the telephone number from the source of the telephone, adjacent numbers, telephone type, number area code, number holder, social media associated with the number, and telephone reverse lookup. The country and region to which a phone number belongs can be queried, and it can also be determined whether it is the phone number of a certain company or unit by analyzing its neighboring numbers. It is also possible to inquire about the information of the phone number holder through phone reverse check, etc. By querying the online social media or mobile apps, websites, etc. registered with the mobile telephone, information such as the name, nickname, user name, profile, and social media account of the mobile telephone holder can also be obtained.