Intelligence Collection: Community Forum (2)

Related: Intelligence Collection: Community Forum (1) Community forum intelligence is divided into the following main categories:

1. Question-and-answer communities

2. Internet communities

3. Integrated communities

4. Regional communities

5. Vertical communities

6. Community information

Internet communities

1. Reddit

Reddit is a fascinating community site that combines entertainment, social networking, and news. Standing at the forefront of the Internet, it provides users with a full range of content categories, including news, technology, video games, movies, sports, music, books, fitness, food, photo sharing and more. Here, users can not only enjoy the exciting content of the community, but also create original works and share their stories and insights with users around the world.

On this platform, users can not only post their own content, but also receive voting ratings from other users. For different contents, users can rate them differently, and those with outstanding scores have the opportunity to enter the front page and gain more exposure and attention. In addition, users can also comment and reply in the community to interact with other users and form an interactive social circle.

2. Quora

Quora is an online question and answer community that gives you access to countless valuable questions and answers. The site's founders aimed to create an online knowledge-sharing platform with a strong social component, and their goal was to give users a place to solve problems and share their experiences and knowledge.

Quora brings together a large number of questions and answers, and also allows users to participate in the co-editing of questions and answers. Users can sign in with their Google or Facebook accounts, which ensures that content is not indexed by search engines and allows the general public to participate.

3. GitHub

GitHub is one of the world's largest open source communities, providing a platform for software source code hosting services with version control via Git. In addition to the basic Web management interface and Git code repository hosting features.

GitHub also offers subscriptions, discussion groups, text rendering, an online file editor, collaborative mapping, and code snippet sharing, making it an ideal platform for developers to communicate and collaborate.

4. MathOverflow

MathOverflow is a highly interactive math site that is not just a collaborative blog, but also an online community of math professionals. Here, users can freely post questions, answer questions, and vote and comment on other users' questions or answers, activities that will grant you badges and prestige values. The site provides a great platform for math enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, share resources, and interact with friends.

MathOverflow is a website focused on mathematical research problems, which covers unsolved problems and new knowledge in various fields of modern mathematics. Mathematicians can exchange and discuss various problems here, as well as post articles, review articles, mentor graduate students, and even obtain tenure on the site.

MathOverflow has many leading mathematicians, so the site requires that questions asked should be clear and unambiguous, and must have a definitive answer that is not too general or requires a lengthy discussion to answer. Unlike the discussion forums, MathOverflow is designed to be more of a problem solver than an opinion seeker.

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