How to temporarily boost ChatGPT's IQ?

ChatGPT is limited by the age of its data set, so it will not provide you with answers or perform tasks that rely on newer information. However, you can manually update what it knows, at least for your current chat.

ChatGPT can provide answers to a wide range of questions using a large knowledge base. However, as with any tool, ChatGPT has its limitations.

First, ChatGPT's training data is only retained until September 2021. Therefore, any information or events after that time are not in its knowledge base. In addition, while ChatGPT can provide rich information on a wide range of topics, it is still only a machine learning model. Its understanding of complex concepts may not be comparable to that of a human expert in a particular field.

The accuracy and usefulness of ChatGPT responses depends heavily on the nature and context of the questions asked. If the question is too general or unclear, ChatGPT may not provide a useful answer. Likewise, if a question requires deep expertise, ChatGPT may not be able to give a solution that meets the standards of experts in the field.

By using the right hints, you can address at least some of these limitations to some extent.

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Here are some ways to temporarily boost ChatGPT's IQ.

1. Give ChatGPT a briefing

By giving the ChatGPT details about what you need it to do for you, it will become more insightful, more nuanced, and may even come up with things you don't expect.

If you are briefed on performing a specific task, you can present the entire situation to ChatGPT so that it can consider any further hints in the given chat thread.

Do not hesitate to enter the information into ChatGPT. It will remember what was said in the given thread, so you can go ahead and add context. The more context and information it gets from you, the smarter and more useful it will be in helping you with specific tasks.

2. Import source material into ChatGPT

As we mentioned above, so far ChatGPT doesn't know anything that happened after September 2021. Therefore, if you want it to do anything that involves updating information, you must tell ChatGPT.

But you don't have to enter everything manually. You can copy and paste text from an article, book, or any other content into ChatGPT so that it knows that information for the rest of your chat. You should give it some background information about why you are suddenly providing it with the entire article.

For example, you can prompt it with something like "Please read the following text and keep it in mind for the rest of this conversation:" and then paste the text after the colon.

3. Get around ChatGPT input restrictions

There is a limit to the number of words ChatGPT can process at a time, and this includes your question and answer. If your prompt exceeds this value, an error may occur, or the solution may break because there are not enough "tokens".

When you want to enter a large amount of information into ChatGPT, there are several ways to solve this problem.

The most obvious way is to break your input text into smaller chunks and then enter them into ChatGPT in smaller doses. In this way, you can add information incrementally until ChatGPT knows everything you need to do the job you need it to do.

You can also use ChatGPT to process your input text into a more concise format. Place your long text into ChatGPT and ask it to summarize the most important facts. Then copy these summaries into a text document. Repeat this until you have summarized all the information. Then, start a new chat and enter the summarized facts, which now take up much less space than before, but still convey the most important things ChatGPT needs to know to serve your purpose.

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