How to see when an Instagram account was created?

There are several reasons why someone might be curious about when other users created their accounts.

People create fake accounts on Instagram all the time, mainly to leave often offensive anonymous comments. If you notice strange activity on an account, the first step is to check the join date and see if it's recent.

Or maybe you've been following a celebrity for a long time and want to know when they started their account. Maybe you want to check authenticity?

There are two ways you can check when someone created an Instagram account.

Check Instagram's About This Account section to find the creation date

In 2018, Instagram took two important steps to verify and validate accounts with a large number of followers.

Once an Instagram account has more than a certain threshold of followers (they don't specify a number), it receives an "About this account" section that contains all relevant information about the account, including its age.

This section ensures that even if an account has a lot of followers, its audience can check if they have recently gained those followers. To find out the age of Instagram accounts created by other people, you must use the mobile app.

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone. Navigate to the account you want to check, then tap the horizontal three dots in the upper right corner.

2. A menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "About This Account" option.

3. Under Account Information, you will see the Date Joined entry.

Based on the date the account was created, you can determine the authenticity of the account. This concept is somewhat similar to checking posts on a questionable Facebook profile. If it is relatively new, it is probably not authentic. This section will also indicate the country where the account is located, list previous usernames, and show the followers you have shared them with.

Check posts to estimate Instagram join date

By default, Instagram does not provide an "About this account" section for all profiles. Even those profiles with a large number of followers may not have one. Older accounts with fewer followers may also not have one. However, all verified accounts will have it. But what should you do if it is missing from the account you are checking?

The best option is to go to the specific Instagram account and scroll down to the first post. If it resembles a fairly new profile, there won't be much to scroll through, which may mean that the account is a copy or a fake. In any case, the date of the first post could be around the time the individual or business joined the platform, provided they haven't deleted any old posts or haven't brought it up to start using it after a few months. This method will not be very accurate, but at least it will give an idea of how long they have had the account.

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