How to get around an Instagram ban?

Why did you get banned?

Instagram collates everyone's posts, accounts and comments in an attempt to better control the user experience and protect users from other harmful aspects of social media use, such as scams and predators. You may be wondering what could be causing why your account was banned.

1. The platform looks at all positive and negative trust score factors. In the positive action camp, there is the length of time you have held your account. New accounts are more likely to be banned if they perform certain actions.

2. If too many people engage (like, follow, etc.) in a short period of time, it can put your account in trouble. Instagram may suspect spam activity if you like too many posts, follow too many accounts, or pay for followers.

3. Spamming comments on other people's posts is another dangerous behavior. While some users and influencers like to comment on random posts to grow their own accounts, doing this too much can get you banned.

4. Multiple devices are another red flag. Perhaps you have a tablet, smartphone, and computer (very typical); if all three are used at the same time for a short period of time to like, comment, and post, you may be banned. This behavior may indicate a spam account, so be careful.

5. you have received prior warnings about specific behaviors and have failed to comply with Instagram's requirements. Instagram issues warnings to users who violate its community guidelines before banning an account.

6. the use of third-party software and bots is another behavior that can lead to account bans.

7. The nature of the account IP address is also important. According to Instagram, mobile IPs are the most trusted, followed by residential IPs. finally, public IPs and proxy IPs come in last.

To get a clear picture of why someone might get an IP ban, negative trust scores also need to be considered.

How to get around an Instagram ban?

When Instagram takes action against an account, the company bans the user from accessing the platform. This is done not only by closing the account, but also by preventing future use. This means that Instagram will ban the devices associated with that account.

To get around this ban, you can get a new phone, use a proxy or change your IP address using a VPN.

A key aspect of the Instagram IP ban is that it is usually temporary. If signing up for a VPN seems complicated or too expensive, you can wait for the ban to end.

After a period of time, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will change your IP address. You may not know exactly when this will happen, but all ISPs will change it after a period of time.

If you want to bypass this process, try switching to using your mobile data connection for a while. Mobile network operators can often reassign IPs to their users faster.

However, waiting for the Instagram ban to be lifted is usually the best course of action, as it means you are in full compliance with Instagram rules.

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