How to break through the barriers to leveraging open source intelligence?

Increasing flexibility and the role of technology

To facilitate increased investment in open source intelligence, systemic, strategic and technical changes are needed.

1. Organizations need to move to a more flexible approach to business and procurement that reflects the reality that many high-quality open source tools can be found in early-stage companies. These companies often find themselves accidentally designed to be outside the complex procurement processes of governments and other large organizations.

2. A new strategic approach to the survey process is needed. Organizations need to recognize the changing environment and make a conscious decision to dedicate a percentage of their technology investment and training budget to equipping investigators with cutting-edge open source tools.

3. Technology that provides a complex combination of capabilities designed to professionalize open source intelligence investigations should be supported and invested in. Technology plays a critical role in reducing the operational difficulties of using open source intelligence by increasing:

a. Security: Collecting online data can reveal the identity of investigators and disrupt operations

b. Speed: Without technology that helps you access relevant information quickly, data can be overwhelming

c. Insight: Finding connections and presenting data from different sources

d. Connectivity to other data: open source intelligence will always be part of a broader strategy that combines various data chains to help investigators get the full picture. The ability to merge data from different sources (structured and unstructured) is critical.

Knowlesys provides the best system, Knowlesys Intelligence System, to assist open source investigators and help organizations better advance their investigations through the use of social media. Knowlesys Intelligence System is developed based the world's leading open source intelligence extraction technology, with the advantages of quick identification and full coverage. It enables users to monitor the whole Internet, including social media(Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram...), traditional websites (Forum, Chat Room, News...) and dark web in a timely manner. It will help clients mine massive information from social media and turn them into actionable intelligence by automatic analysis and manual processing.

There are many advantages to incorporating open source intelligence into an investigative strategy. Knowlesys Intelligence System helps investigators use open source information quickly, securely and effectively.

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