How to access and use the dark web?

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How to access the dark web?

If you are still interested in accessing the dark web, it is important to take steps to stay safe and legal. Accessing the dark web requires the use of the anonymous browser Tor. Unlike other web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, which use the most direct route from your computer to the web, the Tor browser uses random paths from encrypted servers to connect to the web without the risk of being tracked.

Tor can download all desktops from the Tor site at Once you have downloaded and installed the browser, you are ready to access the Dark Web.

The also provides a way for you to install the official Android dark web browser, called Orbot, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Tor website. The Android version is free, however, iPhone users will need to pay for the Onion browser. The paid version is fully vetted and is built from official code.

However, there are a few things you should consider first to be safe before entering the dark web.

If you are serious about using the dark web, then you should strive to maximize your anonymity. The first step is to use the Tor browser. However, you should use a VPN to present the appearance of accessing the Tor network from an IP address that is different from the one you are actually on. Also, be sure to disable Flash and turn off JavaScript, as they can both be used to identify your location and computer.

How to use the dark web?

Using the dark web is similar to using the open web. Once Tor is installed, accessing the Dark Web is fairly easy, but accessing the "hidden services" is less intuitive. Using Tor can be difficult, and its limited functionality makes it difficult to log into familiar sites. Dark web search engines do exist to help you use the dark web, but they do struggle to keep up with the changing landscape.

The dark web has flourished due to the advent of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has allowed the dark web market to grow. In turn, the dark web has increased the importance and value of bitcoin. If you intend to do business on the dark web, then you will need some bitcoin or some variant of it.

Of course, using cryptocurrency does not guarantee that it is safe for business. Anonymity comes with the risk of scammers and thieves.

How to search the dark web?

After installing Tor, you can open a Web browser, which will confirm that you are connected to the Tor network and show you that the IP address you used to connect is different from your own. From there you can start browsing the dark web.

A good starting point for new Tor users is The Hidden Wiki will provide you with a long list of links to various sites on the Dark Web. There are also many search engines available, such as Torch or Grams.

However, even some of the best search engines often provide irrelevant or duplicate results for your search query and are prepared to time out half the results or display a 404 error.

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