Government need to use open source intelligence

Internet users generally post online comments on social media and forums, which represent people's opinions and judgments in real life. With the huge amount of speech on the Internet, the low barriers to publishing, and the speed of information dissemination, the power of public opinion is driving profound changes in the country's ideology and social existence.

Relevant government departments should pay attention to the evaluations, focus, appeals, criticisms, complaints and exposures contained in these open source information, and understand the real thoughts and demands of the public. Security services in particular can use this information in their global counter-terrorism efforts.

There are many benefits for governments and agencies to use open source information, such as:


Social media provides a platform for extremist movements. These groups often exchange and spread hateful messages online. Using Knowlesys Intelligence System to monitor the Internet can detect these problems in time, and better understand the way these groups work and the risks they pose.

Directing Misinformation

Online platforms often provide citizens with misinformation. This includes posting and spreading fake news impersonating someone else, reposting inappropriate information, and sharing misleading information. Timely detection of wrong information through Knowlesys Intelligence System can enable government security agencies to deal with problems quickly.

Crisis Management

Monitoring public opinion on social media can help governments contain crises. Quickly identify and understand relevant negative public opinion through Knowlesys Intelligence System, and resolve conflicts when they first appear.

About Knowlesys Intelligence System

Knowlesys Intelligence System is an information platform that is focused on the Internet to collect, analyze, summarize and monitor massive public opinions in real time and identify the key information from them and notify related people immediately for immediate responses to be made in emergency and provide direct support to the right public opinion guidance and Internet users' opinion collection.

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