Efficient intelligence analysis tools related to Twitter

With the development of global informatization, everyone can obtain all kinds of information from all over the world anytime and anywhere. Of course, everything has its two sides. While social media brings beneficial information to everyone, it also inevitably brings some harmful things. Social media has been used by some countries, politicians and foreign powers. By manipulating political robots and disseminating a large amount of inductive false information, they mislead the public ideology in the political field and achieve the purpose of influencing the political ecology of other countries. Therefore, it is often necessary to analyze certain social media accounts to discover the means and paths for external forces to manipulate social media for propaganda. How to analyze these accounts and messages is also the job of some intelligence analysts.

Twitter is frequently encountered in open source intelligence analysis. Most intelligence analysts may use Twitter's built-in search function to search and analyze by themselves, but such work efficiency is relatively low, and sometimes it is difficult to complete the analysis task due to network, account and other reasons.

Here I will introduce the query and analysis system related to Twitter - Knowlesys Intelligence System, hoping to provide help for your intelligence analysis.

1. Users can enter the target author's account name or ID to obtain profiles, tweets and other information without logging into the Twitter account.

2. Users can fetch tweets containing specific hashtags, analyze the collected information, and generate trend reports, which include messages with publisher geolocation, popular authors, photos, etc. This is especially useful when monitoring specific groups of people, for example, to catch in time the terrorist events they are planning and any scary topics they talk about.

3. The user can obtain the analysis of the posting time of the account to grasp the work and rest time of the target author.

4. Users can obtain the tweeting tool of the target author, and can grasp the behavior habits of the target author.

5. There is also a weekly and monthly comparison of the number of tweets, the most frequently used words, frequently quoted users and other information can be obtained through KIS system analysis.

Knowlesys Intelligence System is developed based the world's leading open source intelligence extraction technology, with the advantages of quick identification and full coverage. It enables users to monitor the whole Internet, including social media(Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram...), traditional websites (Forum, Chat Room, News...) and dark web in a timely manner.

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