Content Types for Social Media

People interact with social media sites for different purposes. Here are the general types of content on different social media sites:

1. Posts/Comments:

Through social networking sites, people post or write passages of text that other users can see. These posts may also include the user's geographic information.

2. Reply:

This is a text message (can also be an image, video, or URL) that can reply to another user's post, update a status, or comment.

3. Multimedia content (images and videos):

Many social platforms allow their users to upload multiple images and videos as part of their articles. Live streams are also available on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The feature allows users to broadcast live video and display recordings of their shows for later viewing.

4. Social interaction:

This is the nature of social media sites, where people connect online by sending and responding to requests from other users.

5. Metadata:

The sum of user interactions with social platforms. This includes the date and time the video and image was uploaded, the date and time the friend request was accepted, geolocation data for uploaded multimedia files or posts (if enabled), and the type of device (mobile or standard computer) used to upload the content.