Benefits of Open Source Intelligence

The current benefits of open source intelligence cover many areas of the world.

1. Less risky:

Gathering intelligence using publicly available information carries no risk compared to other forms of intelligence, such as using spy satellites or using human resources on the ground to gather information, especially in hostile countries.

2. Cost-effective:

The cost of collecting open source intelligence is generally low compared to other sources of intelligence. For example, using human resources or surveillance satellites to collect data is expensive.

3. Ease of Access:

No matter where you are, open source intelligence sources are always available and always up to date.

4. Legal issues:

Most open source intelligence resources can be shared among various parties without fear of violating any copyright licenses because the resources are already publicly available.

5. Help financial investigators:

Open source intelligence allows specialized government agencies to detect tax evasion. Many famous celebrities and some big corporations have been involved in tax evasion. Monitoring their social media accounts, vacations and lifestyles can be of enormous value to government inspectors who may be hunting down their undeclared income.

6. Fighting online counterfeiting:

Open source intelligence techniques can be used to find fake products and services and direct law enforcement to shut down such sites or send warnings to users to stop dealing with them.

7. To maintain national security and political stability:

This is probably the most important benefit of open source intelligence. It can help governments understand the attitudes of their people and act quickly to avoid any future conflicts.

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