Analysis of ChatGPT's risk reflection

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Analysis of ChatGPT's military potential

Disadvantages and risks of applying ChatGPT for military use

In military use, care must be taken that ChatGPT can misjudge strategy and avoid accidental escalation of conflict.

Although ChatGPT can be effectively used for military-related purposes, there are still relevant disadvantages that must be noted:

- Lack of contextualization: ChatGPT may not be able to understand the origin of the war or its context and may only be able to use snippets of information, resulting in inaccurate information generation or inappropriate responses.

- Bias: If errors are generated in the training data, problems such as discriminatory or offensive responses may arise.

- Information security issues: ChatGPT can generate malicious phishing emails and propaganda if it falls into the hands of the other party.

- Data dependency: ChatGPT generates information depending on the quality and quantity of its database, without a good data database, it cannot generate accurate data and correct judgments.

Military units must think through the use of ChatGPT and develop guidelines and protocols to ensure that the use of ChatGPT does not involve the following issues:

- Disinformation: The potential to generate compelling and complex disinformation that can mislead and deceive.

- Public opinion manipulation: It may generate information that influences public opinion and may undermine the rights of individuals or groups.

- Invasion of privacy: May violate the privacy of individuals or groups for the purpose of intelligence gathering.

- Automatic Weapons: Used to manipulate automatic weapons, which may harm others if not used carefully.

- Lack of accountability: Because ChatGPT does not have human consciousness, it is difficult to hold them accountable for their actions, which may lead to problems such as evasion of responsibility.

ChatGPT use, although it can quickly generate plans and decisions, can now generate false information and cause misjudgment in decision making. We must accumulate our own knowledge, learn skills and abilities from practice, internalize our experience as nutrients, and supplement it with information related to ChatGPT in order to make accurate judgments and make appropriate decisions.