World Cup 2022

With a cycle of past 30 days, nearly 62,000 pieces of public articles related to the "World Cup" were monitored and analyzed by Knowlesys Intelligence System(KIS). Among them, the count of public articles on November 23 was the largest, for The Saudi Arabia' 2-1 win over Argentina,one of the world's top-ranked teams, is among the biggest shocking results in the history of the match. Saudi Arabia ends Argentina's 36-match unbeaten run in World Cup.

As we can see in KIS, some of the top mentioned hashtags were listed with the count of occurrence times, and we can click to jump to the topic web page directly. It is very convenient to grasp the hot spots of public concern.

And #WorldCupQatar2022,the top one hashtag,was mentioned for 1227 times. I'm sure you're wondering who was the first publisher of this topic and when he (she) published. Fetching by KIS, the author zahra alnumairy was the first who published this hashtag in 2010. In adiition, it was exactly Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, announced in 2010, that Qatar would host the 2022 World Cup. It can be easily and quickly extracted even if the tweet was from 12 years ago.

From"Keyword Trends", it shows the variation trend of the article count with this hashtag, which is correspond with the dates of matches.

Through the topic cloud in past 30 days , "World Cup" has become the core keyword. From the cloud of words such as "Argentina" and "Saudi Arabia", it can be seen that the two teams were involved in a heated discussion for the shocking result. Moreover, "Declares Holiday" indicates that Saudi Arabia's declaration of public holiday to celebrate the win over Argentina was also a remarkable event. During the 1990 World Cup in Italy, announcement followed a similar move by Cameroon, when the unfancied African team beat Argentina and also declared a public holiday the following day. Other inclusion of words such as "Mexico Poland" on the list mean that other teams had also attracted the attention of public. From "Topics Cloud", users can clearly obtain which the public concern of the hot spots that they focused.

It can also fetch which articles have broad influence over the public from "Influence Messages" in order to learn what public discussed and their opinions. For example, some top influential authors, top retweeted messages, top favorite messages and so on.

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