Twitter Terms Explained

When you first start using it, Twitter can be a bit confusing with all the terms people use. From tweets to mentions and handles, there are a lot of simple words that have different meanings when it comes to Twitter. Here's a breakdown of some of the most popular Twitter terms.


A Twitter handle is the unique name that people use to find your Twitter profile. When people say their Twitter handle, they usually prefix the handle with "at"; this is written as "@ [your handle]". Your Twitter handle is also used in the URL of your profile page, which you can find after the "/" at the end of the Twitter URL.

When you start an account, take some time to find a good handle that is not too complicated. You want a Twitter handle that is easy to type and read, so try to avoid excessive use of numbers or special characters.


Hashtags are one of the most important aspects of Twitter, especially if your brand is trying to attract a wider audience. Each hashtag starts with a "#" followed by a word or combination of words. When Twitter users click on a hashtag, they can view all recent tweets using that hashtag. Using hashtags in your tweets can help you reach a wider audience, including people who don't follow you.


When someone follows your Twitter handle after typing "@", you will receive a notification when you send a tweet; this is called mentioning someone. It's common for big brands to mention celebrities in their posts, whether they're running an ad campaign together or just trying to interact with other profiles.

Keep in mind that mentions can be annoying if you overuse them. For best results, you should use mentions sparingly.

4.Quote Tweets

When you quote a tweet, you are sharing the original tweet and adding your own thoughts to it. You can use quoted tweets to make comments or respond to your customers in public. When you quote a tweet, it appears in your timeline as one of your tweets.

Quoting tweets is a great way to interact with customers and engage in conversations to help expand Twitter's reach. Simply quoting a tweet and sharing your thoughts on a topic can greatly enhance your brand.


If you just want to share a tweet without adding any of your own thoughts, you can retweet it. The Retweet button is the same as the Quote Tweets button; when you click the button, you will have the option to choose between retweeting and quoting the tweet. If you choose to retweet the tweet, this button should turn green and you should be ready to go.

While retweeting may be a good way to share valuable content with your followers, please try to avoid retweeting your timeline.


When someone sees a post they like, they can express this by clicking the "Like" button. The "Like" button is a small heart-shaped button that is located below each tweet. When a person likes a tweet, the number of likes is displayed next to the heart. People can see what others have liked on Twitter, and those liked posts will even appear on the timeline of users who don't follow you from time to time.


A Twitter thread is a group of multiple related tweets. People use threads to have slightly longer conversations about a topic, and some threads include more than a dozen tweets. If you feel strongly about something, or if you want to share some valuable information with your customers, threads can help you provide more details.

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