The development trend of artificial intelligence in open source intelligence

1. The value attributes of open source intelligence channels will continue to increase in the future.

With the vigorous development of social media platforms in the Internet age, large-scale, high-quality, diverse and highly intelligence-worthy information can be mined on the Internet. Therefore, compared with other intelligence channels, open source intelligence has the advantages of wide range of information, high timeliness, and strong usability, and its value and status in the intelligence system will be greatly improved.

2. The application of artificial intelligence continues to empower open source intelligence.

The tremendous growth in computing and processing capabilities of data processing and artificial intelligence systems, the widespread use of technologies such as computer vision and natural language processing, and the effective integration of commercial artificial intelligence applications with intelligence data and systems will significantly improve open source intelligence collection, the ability to process data and extract intelligence information from data.

3. Open source intelligence promotes the deepening development of the field of artificial intelligence.

With the rapid evolution and emergence of new global threats and the acceleration of decision-making cycles for policymakers, the intelligence analysis process is facing change. Some international interest groups have adopted abnormal means to mine sensitive information from open source and closed source intelligence, posing a relatively large threat to important industries, financial order, and social security in other countries. It is necessary to ensure the compliance of artificial intelligence in the use of open source intelligence while improving the integration of intelligence and enhancing the usability and timeliness of open source intelligence research.