Telegram open source intelligence tool

Telegram is one of the popular instant messaging applications today and one of the most important ways for researchers to gather open source intelligence. Some open source intelligence tools can help researchers in conducting Telegram open source investigations.

1. Telegram search engine

Commentgram - Google custom search engine for Telegram comments in channels.

Lyzem - a search engine created specifically for Telegram. The tool searches for conversations that mention specific key phrases and also uses Lyzem to discover public channels, groups and users.

Telegago - a Google search engine customized for Telegram.

Telemetr - a directory of Russian-language telegram channels.

Telemetrio - a list of Telegram channels sorted by rating, popularity, country, etc.

TgramSearch -- another list of Russian language searches.

TGStat -- a large searchable directory and indicator containing channels from specific countries/regions.

Tlgrm EU - a list of various channels grouped by categories. The site maintains a channel directory to which users can add channels after completing a form.

Other Telegram search engines - customized search engines, there are many search engines similar to Telegago mentioned above, but their search results may all be slightly different, depending on the sources they index and how up-to-date those sources are.

2. Open source tools for Telegram

The following links provide descriptions of some Telegram open source tools. In general, open source tools may produce different results, depending on various factors. Examples include recent changes to privacy settings, tool updates, or the level of ongoing development/lack of development by the tool creator.

3. Open Source Intelligence Channels on Telegram

There are channels on Telegram where one can find some knowledge about open source intelligence updates, news, technologies or basic open source intelligence practitioners.

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