New trend of open source intelligence centered on the development of Internet intelligence

With the development of the Internet and related big data technologies, intelligence agencies have begun to actively intervene in the Internet. With the continuous development of open source intelligence acquisition technology, the amount of open source intelligence data has shown an exponential growth.

New Open Source Intelligence Objects

Before the Internet, the main sources of open source intelligence were books, magazines, radio and television stations, news media, and information and data released by government and non-governmental organizations. After the birth and gradual development of the Internet, the information sources of open source intelligence are, first, the networked products that include the above-mentioned traditional information sources; second, the geospatial intelligence websites and services represented by Google Earth; New objects of intelligence: social media, wikis, blogs, forums, even shopping sites.

Open source intelligence has value at the level of ideology and values

Due to the boom of social media, there is a large amount of information posted by individuals on the Internet. Every day, there are approximately 400 million posts on Twitter alone, not to mention other social media sites. It contains a wealth of information of intelligence value. The U.S. Department of Defense believes that social media provides important opportunities to understand people's thinking: people's reactions to events, opinions on important issues, political sentiment, calls for protests, and other things. Social media also provides defense, intelligence and homeland security analysts with early warnings of potential crises, such as the next military conflict or natural disaster. Therefore, on the basis of traditional intelligence analysis objects, social media has increasingly become a new key intelligence source.

Technical processing capability has become a bottleneck for open source intelligence to be broken through

Due to the massive amount of open source information on the Internet, if there is no effective analysis method, the information with real intelligence value will be overwhelmed by the massive invalid information. How to conduct effective, timely, and intelligent intelligence analysis has become the most difficult problem in the current intelligence community.

Recommended open source intelligence monitoring system

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