How to find a user ID on Facebook?

The importance of user IDs in surveys

User IDs are associated with the profiles of users on the platform. In addition to profiles, pages, locations, groups, and events can also have IDs, as is the case with Facebook.

User IDs are important in analyst surveys of social media. Because an ID can only be associated with one user and users cannot change their IDs, analysts can track profiles based on their IDs.

How to find a user ID on Facebook?

Step 1: Sign in to Facebook.

Step 2: Navigate to the Facebook profile you want to investigate. Here we use President Joe Biden's account as an example:

Step 3: Right-click on a blank part of the page - "View Page Source Code", or simply Ctrl+U.

Step 4: Search for "userID:" directly in the source code. We recommend that you use the Find function to search for this text in the source code. You can use the find function by typing Ctrl + F on your Windows keyboard at the same time. The next sequence of numbers you will see is the user ID. Below is an example of the user ID "100063509179160" for the username "POTUS".

If you can't find this part, or see strange results, it may be because you are using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. For example, use the web browser Google Chrome or click multiple times on the search results in Firefox until you find the correct text.

Step 5: To avoid errors, instead of entering the ID manually, copy the ID and check that you have copied the correct one. Then, open and paste "/100063509179160" directly after the URL and you will get the full URL: Then jump to the page and check if this URL points to a profile with the username "POTUS".

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