How to extract images from Twitter?

In many cases, open source intelligence investigators may be asked to save images from social media. twitter is one of the sources of a large amount of data, and here are three different methods to extract images from tweets.

1. "Save as"

The easiest way to save an image from Twitter is via your computer mouse. You can right-click on an image and select "Save Image As...". "The image is then saved to the location of your choice.

2. Inspect element

The second way to extract images from tweets is to check the elements of the image. Right-click on the image and click "Inspect". You will see the source code of the page and be pointed to the link of the image. If you hover over the image link, you will see a preview of the image.

Copy the link and paste it into a new tab so that the photo or video opens in the new tab. Now, by selecting "Save image as... ", right-click with your mouse to save the picture. This method also works on Twitter, but it does not yet apply to all social media.

3. Network requests

The third way to extract Twitter images is to look at the network request from your browser and get the link to the image from there. Navigate to the image you want to save, click "F12" to open the browser developer tools and select the "Network" tab. Then click on the "Img" tab to find the link to the corresponding image.

Double click on the link to open the image in a new tab. Now, by selecting "Save picture as... ", right-click with your mouse to save the photo or video. This method also works for Instagram and Facebook image extraction, in addition to Twitter.

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