How to discover the value of big data?

The discovery method of big data value is closely related to its application scenario. To sum up, the discovery methods of big data value can be divided into three categories: data service, data analysis and data exploration.

1. Data service

Data service is oriented to large-scale users, providing high-performance data query, retrieval, prediction and other services, and realizing the value of data by directly meeting user needs.

2. Data Analysis

Data analysis is a form of calculation in which analysts use their experience to realize data value by using specific calculation models on large-scale data to find data patterns or laws that are easy for people to understand. Data analysis also refers to the process of using appropriate statistical analysis methods to analyze or model a large amount of data, extract useful information and form conclusions, and then assist people in decision-making. In this process, users will have a clear goal, through a series of complex operations such as "data cleaning, conversion, modeling, and statistics", to gain insight into the data, thereby assisting users in decision-making. Common data analysis tasks can be further divided into descriptive analysis, diagnostic analysis, predictive analysis, and strategic analysis.

3. Data Exploration

Data exploration is a combination of data analysis and human-computer interaction, which guides analysts to discover and understand unknown data patterns or laws by continuously revealing the laws of data and the correlation between data. Its value is more reflected in the exploration of data patterns and laws of unknown pathways. Data exploration also refers to search or analysis tasks with variable, continuous, and multi-angle targets, and the search process is selective, strategic, and iterative. It changes the traditional information retrieval model for the purpose of finding information into an information search model for the purpose of discovery, learning and decision-making. Such a search mode combines a large number of data analysis and human-computer interaction processes, which is suitable for people to discover and learn more content and value from data.

Big data contains great value, and data service, data analysis, and data exploration are three levels of data value discovery methods. In many cases, these three types of methods need to be used in combination to better discover the value of big data.