How to analyze Twitter accounts?

A large part of Twitter is accompanied by a huge amount of data that anyone can get from it. Our tweets, our profiles, etc., anything can be turned into data. Twitter content is produced by users, so every user needs to have a Twitter account.

Twitter Account Analysis

Twitter usernames can contain letters, numbers, and _ or -. Each Twitter username is unique and there cannot be two identical accounts. A Twitter account must have a name and a username.

Anyone who wants to join Twitter must follow the mandatory details. We need an email to link our Twitter account. We must include a name and a unique Twitter username in our account.

In addition to the details needed to join the social network, there are statistics and data that make it easy to analyze Twitter profiles:

The blue mark:

Also known as the Twitter verification symbol. If we search for JK Rowling in the Twitter search options, we may get a lot of results. However, we know that @jk_rowling is good because it has a blue verification marker.


It gives an idea of the content or interests that the user has. We can also get an idea of the personality of the person behind the account.

Date of creation of the Twitter user:

In this way we can know if the user has been posting for a long time or if it is a new member of the social network.

Number of followers:

This is just a number, but it gives an indication of how interesting the tweets are or the popularity of the Twitter profile. This is closely related to the time when the Twitter account was created.

How many accounts are followed by the account:

Twitter is a platform for sharing information and chatting, and it is important to follow other accounts. This can also be a basis for determining whether an account is a machine account or a fake account.

There are additional facts that can be part of a Twitter profile, such as birthdays or links, and very importantly, profile pictures.