Classification of Social Media

Social Media includes many other categories such as "Social Networking". Following are the major social media types categorized by function:

1. Social networking:

This allows people to exchange information and ideas with other people online. For example: Facebook, LinkedIn.

2.Photo sharing:

These are sites dedicated to sharing photos online between users. For example: Instagram, Flicker.

3.Video sharing:

These sites are dedicated to sharing video, including live video broadcasts. For example: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


This is an informational site that contains a set of posts belonging to a subject or theme, organized in descending order according to publication date. The most popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.


Allows users to post short text passages (which can be associated with images or videos) or links (URLs) online. For example: Twitter.

6.Forums (message boards):

This is one of the oldest social media. Users exchange ideas and discussions in the form of posts and replies. For example: Reddit, Quora.

7.Social gaming:

Refers to playing games online with other players in different locations. It has become more and more popular recently. For example: KAMAGAMES, Zynga.

8.Social Bookmarking:

These sites provide a similar functionality to your web browser's typical bookmarking. However, they allow you to do so online and share your web bookmarks among your friends, in addition to adding notes and tags to your saved bookmarks. For example: Atavi, Pinterest.

9.Product/Service Reviews:

These sites allow users to review, give feedback on any product or service they use. For example: Amazon, Flipkart.