Artificial Intelligence and U.S. Intelligence: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence

With the development of data storage and data collection technology, the processing capacity of large-capacity data has been significantly improved, and the level of automation and intelligence of intelligence work has also been continuously improved. With the blessing of artificial intelligence, the integration of big data technology and the Internet has made it possible to build a large-scale artificial neural network, and it has also provided a new direction for the iteration and development of intelligence work.

Overview of artificial intelligence

The definition of artificial intelligence was first proposed by John McCarthy, who believed that: "artificial intelligence is to make the behavior of the machine look like the intelligent behavior shown by people." However, since programmable computers had not yet appeared at that time, no matter from the discussion of McKinsey's definition or the background of the times, it only considered the concept of "artificial intelligence" from the level of thinking, but did not think about the concept of artificial intelligence. Application scenarios, implementation methods and technical requirements are discussed. Similarly, although the U.S. Department of Defense gave a definition of artificial intelligence in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019, in the report "Artificial Intelligence and National Security" released by the U.S. Congressional Research Institute in August 2020, the Congressional Research Institute stated that the Department of Defense only summarized relevant definitions in academic literature and clearly stated: " Due to the variety of research methods in the field of artificial intelligence, there is still no generally accepted definition of artificial intelligence, and the US government has not yet officially defined artificial intelligence.

Based on the above documents, artificial intelligence is a collection of many technologies including artificial intelligence technology and software and hardware. The purpose is to enable the machine to finally reach the level of human-like intelligence, which can perceive, understand, learn and respond accordingly, and help subjects in various fields of military and civilians realize automation and intelligent operation, so as to improve services and optimize experience.

Generally speaking, researchers divide artificial intelligence into narrow artificial intelligence (Narrow AI) and general artificial intelligence (General AI). Narrow artificial intelligence generally performs a single task or a group of closely related tasks. Although this type of artificial intelligence has a single application area, it has high accuracy and powerful functions. General artificial intelligence, also known as strong artificial intelligence, refers to a machine capable of human-like intelligence that can think strategically, abstractly and creatively, and has the ability to handle a series of complex tasks. However, although machines currently have great advantages over humans in data collection, processing, and storage, artificial intelligence is still only an extension of human capabilities, and its development is still in its infancy. Generally speaking, due to the extensiveness of the field of artificial intelligence research, no unified understanding has been formed either at the scientific research level or at the official level. However, from the perspective of national defense, this also provides enough space for the development of artificial intelligence in the intelligence field, leaving sufficient room for the approval and funding of related projects.

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