Why intelligence failures occur?

Intelligence failure can be defined as an operator failure to adequately collect and analyze information, make sound countermeasures based on intelligence, and respond effectively.

Intelligence failures can quickly become national headlines because of the potentially damaging effects. It would bring to mind the September 11 attacks, or the 2017 London Bridge attack. These are all unbelievably famous examples of a lack of early warning of major events.

The function of the intelligence community is to provide decision makers with as much information as possible. Any intelligence failure would hinder the decision-making process. Thus, intelligence failure could bring negative strategic consequences. It is important to understand why intelligence fails and how to improve it. Conversely, analysis of failures can prevent mistakes from being repeated and increase the possibility of strategic success.

Intelligence failures generally occur for three reasons.

1.Failure to process and analyze information properly.

Sometimes, analysts reject the information that contradicts their preconceived views and ignore the information which not fit their preferences. In addition, analysts accept the opinion of others (usually their superiors) without checking whether it is correct or not. Furthermore, analysts would overlook the simplest solutions in favor of complex or unlikely solutions.

2.Failure to share information in a timely manner.

3.Failure to act on intelligence.

If decision makers act without intelligence and action groups make plans in isolation, then they would end up with intelligence failure.

It is essential to learn why intelligence failures occur and how to avoid the same mistakes

By using open source intelligence collection systems, such as Knowlesys Intelligence System, users can set the information to be collected as keywords. This system will automatically help users to monitor and collect the information from the whole Internet for 24 hours a day, and intelligently analyze the collected information.  

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