Open Source Intelligence Industry Development: Germany

Germany's open source intelligence has been valued by the Ministry of Defense and corporate giants, and national defense and security intelligence are the main application directions.

Germany positions artificial intelligence as a key technology with a huge economic and productivity boost in Germany, Europe and globally. To this end, the German government proposed that by 2025, the federal government's funding for AI will increase from 300 million euros to 5 billion euros.

In addition to the attention of the German government, German companies also attach great importance to the application of artificial intelligence in intelligence, and then carry out cross-industry integration. This shows that the use of artificial intelligence in intelligence has reached a certain level of maturity, and the product needs more subdivided technical capabilities, so it is necessary to invest in mergers and acquisitions through commercial means.

For example, HENSOLDT headquartered in Germany, its products mainly include radar, electronic warfare and photoelectric sensor solutions, but the massive data formed during the use of products requires in-depth analysis and processing, and HENSOLDT has further extended its business scope to intelligent intelligence analysis. With the acquisition of Sail Labs (Austrian speech recognition and language processing company), HENSOLDT acquired key capabilities of the technology stack, supplementing open source intelligence in the sensor portfolio, and subsequently launching the HENSOLDT Analytics platform.

The use of the HENSOLDT Analytics platform mainly includes the following links:

As a first step, users can use the platform to monitor data and information in multiple languages and sources. Among them, the media mining tool can also automatically record and collect images, text data, and video voice data from TV or radio in more than 32 languages;

The second step is to use computer vision algorithm automatic indexing technology to translate the data and use information (such as speaker ID, subject, emotion, robot detection, and face or object recognition), and these data are stored on the server and can be accessed and searched at any time.

The third step is to convert the data into visualizations for analysis according to different needs, such as global hotspots, relationship trends, social media trends, etc.

Finally, if the client uses the HENSOLDT Analytics platform in a team-based manner, the workflow notification function of the system can also be used to create an actionable intelligence flow and push it to the decision maker for decision signing.

At present, HENSOLDT has become one of the leading data analysis companies in the field of security and defense in Germany, transforming from a sensor system enterprise to a leading integrated solution provider of sensor systems and data analysis in Germany.

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